Vale Stuart MacIntyre

One of the first serious history books I picked up as a teenager at the local council library was Stuart Macintyre’s ‘The Reds’, a history of the Communist Party of Australia. While I almost certainly didn’t get 90% of what he was saying, I remember being so thoroughly impressed by the book, and the very concept that one could devote their lives to the study of the past, let alone those who wanted to change the world.

Some 15 years later, I was overjoyed when Stuart was able to launch my own pithy contribution to the field of Australian far left history, to a packed crowd at his alma mater, the University of Melbourne. In the intervening years, Stuart had assessed my PhD thesis, blurbed my first book, refereed for me on countless job applications, and basically been the most giving and welcome mentor one could ask for. He played this role for many people, and his passing is being felt around the country.

Vale, Stuart Macintyre (1947-2021)

Jon Piccini

22 Nov 2021

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