‘Something’s Wrong’: Assange is in the High Court

Last Train to Mirabad 
Julian Assange took on the US  
Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan 
Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court 
Thinking what would Pilger and Ellsberg do now? 
Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison 
Where ghosts of IRA meet 
Guildford Four in special secure unit 
No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe 
No mention of his Afghan mate
Both dead in Mirabad 
                        - Ian Curr
Sapper Jamie Larcombe and his partner

As international politics shifts to the right, Julian Assange, who recently turned 50 years of age, remains holed-up in Belmarsh prison in the United Kingdom. Sensory deprivation. No sleep. This week he will face the chief judge at the old Bailey. The same judge presided over the trial of the Guildford Four who were fitted up by Scotland Yard for pub bombings in 1974 carried out by the Provisional Irish Republican Army.

His Lord Chief Justice is required to respond to a request made by the Government of the United States of America for the immediate extradition of Julian Assange.

Both Liberal and Social Democratic governments around the world refuse to assist the beleaguered publicist for fear of retribution from the United States. Fifty years on, survivors of one of the most repressive governments in the West celebrate the achievements of Julian Assange and organise for his release in a local park.

Forty-four years ago the Bjelke-Petersen government organised his corrupt police force to undertake the largest mass arrest in Australian history. Joh’s aim was to protect transnational uranium companies hellbent on expanding the nuclear fuel cycle. One of the people arrested on 22 Oct 1977 Ciaron O’Reilly spoke for the release of Julian Assange. His friend Dermot came to the rally to sign a song for Julian

So did the anti-VAXes with their nationalist propaganda about international corporate conspiracies. They handed out material that claimed governments and corporations are trying to kill us all.

They had better release Assange soon.

With support from the right-wing conspiracy theorists saying something is wrong (but not getting it right), there may be little hope for Julian’s sanity. Someone from the groups that oppose Covid19 vaccination leafletted the rally. Only in West End, right! I asked the leafletteer what was in in his flyer. Without prompting, he claimed that it was not anti-Vax. I could see the first paragraph which read: “many of us were told that we had to be vaccinated so we wouldn’t pass the virus to others and that there was no treatment for coded 19.” And just a few lines down the pamphlet read: ” top health expert says vaccinated people are spreading Delta variant (of Covid 19).” I think there is no connection between Julia Assange and opposition to vaccines for Covid19 (accepting that Julian is high risk in Belmarsh prison). By this time the zealous pamphleteer had leafleted the entire rally “we are opposed to the same corporations that are behind Covid 19 (fraud) who Julian Assange has being exposing.”

Julian Assange was behind bars long before the Covid19 outbreak in 2020, silenced by the United States government for exposing its war crimes. Anti-VAXes tactics for mobilizing the working class not have gained much currency here in Australia. But then the same could be said of our effectiveness on the Left in trying to prevent climate change and stopping Australia from joining the nuclear arms race with their stupid nuclear submarines.

We post here accounts of local Assange supporters

Ian Curr
23 October 2021

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