Trev predicts severe thunderstorms on Thursday

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INSTABILITY – what does it mean?

The Bureau of Meteorology are predicting potentially extreme weather across much of south-eastern Australia from South Australia, with severe thunderstorms expected in south-east Queensland, in particular on Thursday. Extreme weather is often described as being associated with a highly unstable atmosphere. See this description yesterday by BOM staff of the coming weather:

But what does atmospheric instability mean? An unstable atmosphere is one in which the warm moist surface air has a strong tendency to rise rapidly into the upper atmosphere, drawing in more warm moist air from below. This rising warm moist air contains lots of energy and helps create storm cells. See this excellent video and description here:

So this week has already brought good rain and is likely to bring more rain most days except Saturday and Sunday, which should be fine and warm. Minimum temperatures are predicted to be around 14 degrees Celsius with maximums rising to around 30 degrees Celsius by the weekend. Winds will be generally light to moderate north-easterlies, stronger in the afternoon due to the sea breeze effect.

Please listen for any storm warnings or watch the Bureau of Meteorology radar and warnings on your mobile phone at the weekend. It’s free and very useful. Warning links are given on the same web page as the rain / storm tracking radar.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

Source: Bureau of Meteorology and

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