Why Food Irradiation?

Who is up for further campaigning to stem the destructive tide of food irradiation?

For new activists, a reminder of what food irradiation is, what is FSANZ, and who sets food policy:


Pamphlet printed by Leftpress for citizens concerned about food irradiation in the 1980s – the authorities didn’t listen then and they are not listening now.

It is exposure to high doses of ionising radiation, gamma rays from  Cobalt 60.

WHY? To extend shelf life of fruit,  vegetables & herbs

that makes them appear fresh when they are not. The Anti Food Irradiation Movement in Brisbane fought hard and unsuccessfully against the building of the Narangba Food Irradiation plant.

  FSANZ Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Is an independent agency that regulates the use of ingredients in our food and includes food developed by new technologies like genetically modified food.  They are responsible for food labelling. In May they agreed to the blanket irradiation of fruit and vegetables in Queensland.


Not set by FSANZ but by ministers in charge of food regulation who belong to the Australian and New Zealand Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation” and develop policy and guidelines for FSANZ.

Please send your opposition to FSANZ  agreeing to the blanket irradiation of all fresh fruit and vegetables in Queensland to:

 The Hon. Yvette D’Ath MP

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services

The following letter can be sent to your local supermarket.


 What is your supermarket policy on stocking and selling “fresh” irradiated fruit and vegetables?What specific steps will you take to provide accessible, legible and clear labels and signage on or near all irradiated fruits and vegetables?

Will you commit to displaying obvious, legible and clear labels on all irradiated produce to augment any tiny on-product stickers that are not obvious, readable or clear?

Will irradiated produce be displayed and sold in the same section of your stores as un-irradiated organic fresh fruits and vegetables?

Please consider whether selling irradiated fruits and vegetables in your “fresh” produce section may mislead or deceive shoppers about their freshness, as phytosanitary irradiation also extends shelf life?

Would you consider declaring your supermarkets food irradiation-free, to create a marketing advantage?Please answer our questions and engage with us, to explore and develop open, honest and robust policies on important food irradiation issues.


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