Stop ‘fresh’ fruit and veg irradiation – final decision this week 

Please take  Urgent action: stop ‘fresh’ fruit and veg irradiation – final decision this week 
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Call on your state Health Minister to reverse FSANZ fruit and vegetable irradiation A1193

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Food Standards Australia NZ (FSANZ) has approved the irradiation of ALL fruits and vegetables that harbor the larvae of Qld fruit fly or other insects. The produce will be sterilised with exposure to the energy equivalent of 1.5 to 10 million x-rays. see

The nutritional and vitamin value of the foods would be reduced and some harmful radiolytic products can remain in the food, even though the treatment does not make the produce itself radioactive. Shelf life would also be extended, so fruit and veges appearing to be fresh may be long past their best.The Ministerial Food Regulation Forum can challenge the FSANZ decision

Tell them to stop ALL fresh fruits and vegetables being irradiatedMinisterial members of the Food Forum are here your state health Minister to reverse the FSANZ approval of A1193.

Qld: The Hon Yvette D’Ath, MP,
Minister for Health <>
Irradiated fruit and vegetables must be labelled

Quiz your supermarkets about how they will comply

The Food Standard requires irradiated fruits and vegetables to be labelled at the point of sale but what will your supermarket do to abide by the law? Please ask NZ supermarket chains how they will comply with food irradiation labelling laws!!We asked for Australian supermarket policies and plans on the following questions:

  • What is your supermarket/brand’s policy on stocking and selling ‘fresh’ irradiated fruits and vegetables?
  • Have you already stocked and sold any of the 26 irradiated fruits and vegetables previously approved for sale in Australia and New Zealand, and for export to other countries?
  • If so, did you survey customer responses and what were the results?
  • Do you intend to stock and sell irradiated fruits and vegetables if A1193 is approved?
  • What specific steps will you take to provide accessible, legible and clear labels and signage on or near all irradiated fruits and vegetables?
  • Will you commit to displaying obvious, legible and clear labels on all irradiated produce to augment any tiny on-product stickers that are not obvious, readable or clear?
  • Will irradiated produce be displayed and sold in the same section of your stores as unirradiated fresh fruits and vegetables?
  • Will you take steps to make the distinction between irradiated and un-irradiated fruits and vegetables clear to customers?
  • Please consider whether selling irradiated fruits and vegetables in your “fresh” produce section may mislead or deceive shoppers about their freshness, as phytosanitary irradiation also extends shelf life?
  • Would you consider declaring your supermarkets food irradiation-free, to create a marketing advantage?

Please also ask the shop wherever you buy fresh produce,how they will implement the labelling laws on irradiated ‘fresh’ fruits and vegetables!

Please forward any responses you receive to:

<> and <>

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