Trev’s Forecast from 22 June

Trev’s Forecast for next 7 Days from 22 June

We’ve just had the winter solstice, that is, the day with the least number of daylight hours, 21 June, with 10.4 daylight hours. This is due to the Earth’s axis being tilted at a fixed angle relative to the Sun’s orbital plane, and creates the seasons. That also results in the month of least solar radiation reaching the surface of the earth in the southern hemisphere. But this is not the coldest month because the heat from the previous month is stored in the oceans and land surfaces, and slowly released back into the atmosphere, resulting in July being the coldest month.

Well last week some rain was predicted as a cold front and trough passed over us. But it was patchy with very little rain. This week a similar pattern is expected although the probability of rain at times is predicted to increase to 90 percent by Saturday. Winds will tend northerly ahead of the front and then swing to the west and finally south again by Sunday and Monday. Northerly winds will bring warmer temperatures and the southerly winds will bring cooler temperatures back, ranging from 9 to 21C.  Sunday and Monday are looking like the best days outdoors.

See ya next week. Trev the Weatherman

Source: and Bureau of Meteorology