Mugged by Zed

Time that is intolerant
Of the brave and innocent,
And indifferent in a week
To a beautiful physique,

Worships language and forgives
Everyone by whom it lives;
Pardons cowardice, conceit,
Lays its honours at their feet.

               — W H Auden

I did my first interview with 4 Triple Zed in 1976, then called 4 Double Zed. I made my first program for 4ZZ in 1977 as part of a collective from the Democratic Rights Movement, commonly known as the street marches. The station co-ordinator (yes co-ordinator, not station manager as it is today) took the program off-air. No reason was given at first. Then we were told it was because of technical deficiencies in the making of the program. We never really found out the real reason from 4ZZ but we knew where the sticking point was.

Two of us had done an interview with Senator Neville Bonner about why he supported the Fraser government’s decision to mine and export Uranium from Australia, especially since most of the uranium came from country owned by aboriginal people. I mean, in those days, aboriginal people actually had land rights in the Northern Territory where the uranium was to be mined! Both the Queensland and Federal governments also intended to mine and export uranium from Mary Kathleen in North Queensland. Senator Bonner was a senator for Queensland, the first aboriginal senator to represent this state in the federal parliament.

What I am saying is, this was a legitimate question to put to a senator of the Australian parliament.

Not only did the station pull that civil liberties program but banned the committee (that I was a part of) from making any more programs for 4 Double Zed.

Wind forward 44 years. I made a report about International Women’s Day 2021. Within minutes of the show going to air 4ZZZ management started a formal process of investigation into the report . No reason given for this formality. Within 2 hours, the station manager went on air making a formal apology for the show, intimating that I was to be re-educated. No consultation with me, the reporter on the program. Earlier I had rung the manager about the issue because the head of news stormed into the studio in the program while I was still on air. I offered her time on air to explain why the speeches from International Women’s Day were offensive. Instead the Head of News made a formal written complaint to the manager of the station.

All I had done was to broadcast eight speeches which addressed a whole range of issues – women’s inequality, poverty, institutional discrimination, harassment and violence. A small part of one speech by Anna McCormack addressed the transgender issue. There was another concerning men playing women’s sport.

I had been a reporter and accredited announcer with 4ZZZ since 2011. I hold a valid Press Card issued by the head of News at Zed. I have made over 500 programs at Zed with a lot of help from others at the station. Surely I deserve to be made part of the process, even if it is informal? But no, an apology is made without gong to the substance of the issue, transgender politics. Why?

Last night I received notification of my annual subscription at the station. I have contributed money, electrical equipment (an industrial fan and a light box which I made myself) to the station but mostly I have donated hours and hours of my time making good programs for a station I began with and never deserted. So why did they desert me? They know the programs I made were good, they know the people I have worked with over the years are good, that is why they have kept the show running.

So that is why I resigned from the station, that is why I even resorted to posting this article on Zed Folk, a private group comprising of 686 4ZZZ subscribers and 92 of my facebook friends.

I want to know what 4ZZZ subscribers think? Where is the independent media on the Left?

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Ian Curr
13 Aug 2021

In an alleyway
After a fire
Beside a building
Ten years in the making
PShift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 (Fridays at Noon)
Mugged at four in the afternoon

No reasons given
No other radio like this!

Images (in order from top to bottom and left to right): 1. – an alley way like any other in Fortitude Valley, 2. – the Whiskey au Go Go night club up the road from Zed which burnt down in the 1970s killing 15 people. 3. -An inquest into their death begins soon. 4. -The LIfe and Times of a Middle Class Leftie by myself. And finally, 5. – the notification of my annual subscription to the station renewed only this last week

2 thoughts on “Mugged by Zed

  1. Trevor Berrill says:

    I emailed 4ZZZ management to protest Ian’s sacking and the removal of the IWD program and speeches. I got NO response. A sad reflection on 4ZZZ management, both the censorship of the IWD speeches and the method of sacking. Re-education!!! – sounds like Stalinism. Meet the new boss – same as the old (The Who).

    1. What about Independent media? says:

      Thanks Trevor for your efforts.

      Mugged by Zed has been taken down by 4ZZZ management on their facebook platform. Zed Folk is a forum for people who have worked or volunteered for Public Radio station 4ZzZ (from 1975 until now) to share stories, photos, videos or just reminisce. I have been involved with 4ZZZ since 1976. Mugged by Zed is not about trans people who should be respected, it is about the importance of independent media on the Left … and public interest journalism…/1312…/view_admin_feedback/……

      Here is station management’s response

      Zed Folk

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