‘All we leave behind are the memories’

Architecture students re-presenting UQ Union complex

Ian talks with Postgrad architecture students, Adele Mammone, Thomas Webster and Ali Rad Yousefnia who are offering their alternative to wholesale demolition of UQ Union complex and a new vision of the University – a social alternative to running it as ‘a business, a very bad one’. They want things like an open space run by students, a co-op, free lunch days or cheap food, an op shop and much more.

Jumping Fences – View from a Wooden Chair

Ali Rad Yousefnia and Sercan Pesan – Ederlezi
Published first on YouTube 5 Jun 2020. The song was recorded at Alti Anti bri art gallery in Feb 2019, Ankara, Turkey. All rights reserved for Ali Rad Yousefnia and Sercan Pesan.

Banner Image – The play ‘Bacchoi’ inside Schonell Theatre
Quote – “All we leave behind are the memories” – Deen Brothers demolitions, Brisbane