Mt Glorious climb for Palestine

Rode up Mt Nebo & Mt Glorious. 50 kms and 1,400 metres of climbing!
I remember in the early 1960s our family car breaking down on the Mt Nebo Climb. There was no breaking today with my friends Lachlan and Graeme putting in a big effort for the Palestinian Women’s Humanitarian Organisation.

It was not all pain, we had pizza and coffee at the top thanks to Sue & Lach’s wood fired oven. Along the way we heard all kinds of birds: Kookaburras, BellBirds, Cat Birds, and many others.

I visited my old union mate Bernie after the ride and he kindly donated $50 to the cause saying: “You would think that after we got rid of the nazis all that bad stuff that in the world would stop. But no, it is just as bad as back then! Plus don’t like that Netanyahu. Bernie said that he was employed by a very kind jewish family in Leeds after the war, the Weiman’s. This is not a jewish problem” Bernie said.

Ian Curr
17 September 2020