Refugee #HomeSafelyWithUS Campaign

Ever since the Kangaroo Point Prison blockade started up in response to refugee demands mainstream media have been drawn back to the issue of refugee detention in Australia. The blockade has continued unabated since 22 June 2020 despite repression from Queensland and Federal governments.

In this interview Kelly Higgins Devine (ABC) speaks with Pamela Curr from the Refugee Advocacy Network that has 120 people and 30 families offering accomodation to people in KP Prison, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Yongah Hill (WA) detention centres. #HomeSafelyWithUs

Many ABC journalists come from a mainstream and right-wing perspective … for example the questions put to Pamela Curr assumed:

1/ that refugees, given a chance, would disappear into the community illegally.

2/ that Silva who provides accommodation for refugees in Brisbane must be doing it for a selfish reason.

For example Kelly Higgins-Devine put to Silva: “What’s in it for you?

3/ People are being sent to Christmas Island because they are criminals.

4/ Refugees have the benefit of mobile phone access.

5/ Australians, as a rule, are not generous.

The 24/7 vigil is hosted by:

WBT recommends that people who can help out with these campaigns supporting refugees in Australia.

Ian Curr
20 August 2020

Photo: KP Prison in Brisbane