Brisbane Metro – danger!

Neon sign at entrance to GoMA

Logan city ain’t it pretty?
Logan city what a pity
That we’re livin’ south of the freeway

Rich up north….poor down south
Rich live up there in their expensive house
Livin’ south of the freeway
– Kev Carmody

They say that the French classic Paris roubaix is one of the most dangerous and toughest bike races in the world . Equally Brisbane Metro seems to wish to create a difficult passage for bicycles on the William Jolly Bridge .

In the original set of notes (published 6 May 2020) to the $2.9 million upgrade at the entrance to GoMA and the State library of Qld the Brisbane Metro project said that they would introduce a new left turn slip lane from Grey Street into Stanley Place, with a new shared pat (sic), a new section of bike lane and new landscaping. The works require the removal of two trees (sic).

Brisbane Metro claimed that this would provide an improvement for cyclists going onto the Grey Street Bridge.

One week later, on 15 May 2020, the entrance to GoMA and State Library are looking pretty brown. Bike riders know that you need to be especially careful at slip lanes, they can be very dangerous when unsighted cars ‘slip’ around while you are trying to cross an intersection.

Here is what I mean. In the image below showing a slip lane near bikeway to a park at Norman Park, the bike rider crossing the intersection as indicated doesn’t know if the car and truck marked with X are going to continue on Canara St or if they are going ’round the back’ on the slip lane. [See Diagram]. Near misses happen on this intersection all the time. Slip lanes are poor design for cyclists.

Slip lane danger. Bike and car may collide at star on intersection.

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Here is how the entrance to GoMA and State Library of Qld one week after the announcement.