Anti-coal activists – why should we obey unjust laws?

‘Wynnum three’ jailed for stopping coal train in Meanjin (Brisbane)

Right across the country people are rising up to stand in the way of dangerous coal developments and exports. Today three of those brave people have been locked up and refused bail until they see a magistrate – in 15 days!

They are being held in the Brisbane Watch House, in what their lawyer calls “outrageous and unjust” circumstances. Join us outside the Watch House for a snap action tomorrow!

After stopping a coal train in Wynnum yesterday, Jack and Spoons were issued with trespass and rail obstruction charges, as well as ‘serious assault to a police officer’. Emma, was arrested whilst acting as spokesperson and charged with trespass and obstruction of a railway. Police should never have opposed Emma’s bail, as her charges are not criminal and would usually result only in a fine.

Stand with us in solidarity tomorrow and demand the magistrate #FreeTheWynnumThree.

This is the third time this year that police have charged peaceful activists with assault, using the inclusion of this charge to justify an application for the refusal of bail. In all circumstances police later dropped the charges.

If we don’t stand up for the the Wynnum three, next it could be you and me.

Hope to see you there tomorrow,

Frontline Action on Coal

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