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Bushfires, Climate Change and Capitalism

Prime Minister Morrison denies climate change because he wishes to support multinationals, to enable them to make money. Former US Vice president Dick Cheney preferred the term climate change to global warming because he thought it would be easier to … Continue reading


Wish you were here – Asylum Seekers & Julian Assange

Julian Assange took on the US Wikileak’d ten years war in Afghanistan Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe No mention of his Afghan mate Both dead in Mirabad – Ian … Continue reading


A collaboration in the forest with Si Mullumby and Peter Hunt

Didgeridoo: Si Mullumby Trumpet: Peter Hunt Drone: Arterium Angledal Camera: Arterium Angledal & Linda Angledal Post Production: Linda Angledal