El derecho de vivir en paz – the right to live in peace

My guitar is not for the rich
no, nothing like that.
My song is of the ladder
we are building to reach the stars.
” – Victor Jara

The right to live in peace! Increasingly difficult in a world where right-wing forces collude with big business against the aspirations of ordinary people. Great to see tens of thousands of people uniting in Chile against the government and the military! #ChileDesperto #FuerzaChile #solidarity

  • Ian interviews Yari from Chile Desperto (Brisbane) about recent solidarity demonstrations in Brisbane about events in Chile.
  • Interview with Tim from IMARC Blockade in Melbourne about the violence of mining.
4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon

Artistas Chilenos unidos en una voz – Derecho de vivir en paz (Victor Jara)                                              
Lunar Junction – Take Some Time                                             
Jumping Fences – Distancia y Latido                                         
Jumping Fences – sueno con serpientes

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  1. Right to Water ...


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