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‘Locking On’ in Galilee

Worth a listen to this podcast on where right-wing populist politics have led us …

Paradigm Shift

Locking on – the great Australian political tradition” – Andy Paine

Paradigm Shift 4 Oct 2019 Friday at noon.

Intro Defending Greta by John Curr.;
Ian interviews Bri from Action Ready; and,
Andy from Frontline Action on Coal.

It is hard to keep the climate action camps going, i f you wish to donate to keep Frontline Action on Coal going please go to https://protectgalilee.raisely.com/

Monster Machine by Madeleine Hudson
Make some Music by Paul Spencer
Old Growth by The Great Shame

Action Ready
Locking on – the great Australian politicaltradition

Much criticism has been levelled at Greta Thunberg following her address to the United Nations. She has been cast as puppet of climate activists.

Scientists addressing climate change have abandoned attempts to persuade people and governments about the science knowing that their efforts at truth to power are being ignored. No-0ne seriously doubts that…

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Locking on – the great Australian political tradition

Here is an excellent critique of the QLD Labor government’s anti-protest laws by climate activist, Andy Paine …


The first Australian political “lock-on” took place in 1908, in an auspicious location: the British House of Parliament. Muriel Matters grew up in South Australia, one of the first places in the world where women could vote. Moving to Britain and illegible to vote due to her gender, she went to parliament; where women were literally fenced off from proceedings by a metal grille. She locked herself to the grate and gave a speech on gender equality to a captive audience of politicians while police were forced to remove the grille.

It wasn’t the last
time the tactic of locking yourself to things would be used by
Australians seeking to change society. In Brisbane in 1965 some more
women famously did so – Rosalie Bognor and Merle Thornton chaining
themselves to the men-only bar at Toowong’s Regatta Hotel and
demanding the right of women to be served.

Like women’s suffrage…

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