US War Games in Rocky

Talisman Sabre has begun!

The Peace Movement in Albert Park Brisbane 1991

Talisman Sabre is a joint military exercise that takes place every two years, with a particular emphasis on the central coast of Queensland at Shoalwater Bay.

This year TS19 involves Defence and NON-Defence training areas including Townsville, Stanage Bay (on the Shoalwater peninsular), Mackay, Bowen, Proserpine (Whitsunday), Bundaberg and Evans Head in New South Wales.

July 11-24 is the peak period for TS19 but activity has already begun in Shoalwater Bay and will continue throughout the month of July.

These biennial exercises are some of the world’s largest military exercises – 2019 involves 25,000 US and Australian troops (the overwhelming majority US) engaged in land, sea and air warfare practice. They are joined by New Zealand, Canadian, United Kingdom and Japanese Defence forces.

US troops involved in these exercises deploy to, or from, real war situations, forward deployed units, or other military operations. Live firing, while not explicitly part of the exercise, is likely to occur either before or after the above dates.

Talisman Sabre war games must be stopped and Australia must refuse to support US wars, environmental destruction and indigenous rights abuses.

Australia is playing a vital role in acting as a launching pad for US military activity. Talisman Sabre threatens our security by further involving us in US led wars such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and potentially Iran.

Talisman Sabre takes place on Dharumbal land and seas. As is the case around the world, where indigenous land has been used/occupied by military forces, these First Nations people have limited access to their Country, which is determined by the military. The regular rollout of military exercises, not just Talisman Sabre, has an impact on the Dharumbal people and how they understand and practice their culture.

The US military is ranked among the world’s worst polluters and is the world’s greatest organisational consumer of oil. It has a legacy of leaving bases contaminated and radioactive. Be it war or preparations for war, military activity is incompatible with environmental sustainability.

Take Action
We encourage people to take nonviolent action, in their own region, or where ever war games and militarism are taking place.
Contact your politician and demand that
• Our reef be protected #SaveTheReefFromMilitaryGrief
• We are not involved in any attacks on Iran #DontIraqIran #NOmoreUSwars
• An end to war games like Talisman Sabre #StopTalismanSabre
Visit Australians for War Power Reform and join the Be Sure on War Campaign

Organise an action in your own community, particularly if you live near any of the locations being used for TS19.

Planned events during TS19
4 July #FourthofJuly Speakout at Rockhampton Barracks & Independence from USA picnic 12-2pm in Bunyapa Park, West End

6 July War is NOT Family Entertainment at Talisman Sabre Open Day 11am Rockhampton Showgrounds

7 July Just Peace Screening of Risky Business: Australia’s Military Alliance with the US + Public Forum 3-5pm at the Red Brick Hotel, Woolloongabba

11 July Film Screening 6:30pm at Havachat, 20 East Street, Rockhampton

14-19 July Training Camp: Stop Militarisation of First Nations’ Lands

18 July Book Launch of The US Lobby and Australian Defence Policy by Vince Scappatura 6-8pm at Avid Reader, West End

2-4 August IPAN National Conference, Darwin Australia at the Crossroads: Time for an independent foreign policy

Also supporting NAIDOC events: Voice. Treaty. Truth 7-14 July

Talisman Sabre 2019 (TS19)
Environment Report

For more information visit our website or on social media: Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

Treena Lenthall
Robin Taubenfeld

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Wage Peace happens on Sovereign Aboriginal Land – mostly Sovereign Yidindji Government Land – but also on the land of the Bunjalung and the Ngunnawal people. We acknowledge the Tribal Authority of the people on whose Land we live.

Those of us working on the project are around the country and we invite you to play/volunteer with us. or donate

Banner image is of 1991 Peace March in Brisbane … note there were about 3,000 marchers present.

Gulf War Peace March 1991
Set of Kadacha Man by Sam Watson

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