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Below are links to articles posted recently on the http://www.cpaml.org website:     General program of the CPA (M-L)   https://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=917   Political Report 15th Congress CPA (M-L)   https://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=913   New Caledonia: Old Order coming unstruck in South Pacific?  https://www.cpaml.org/posting1.php?id=915   New Zealand: … Continue reading


Plastic action

Coles and Woolworths were required to ban plastic shopping bags but when you look at the products that they sell they have increased the packaging! Take vegetables. Plastic packaging has increased with a price added for the Xtra packaging. So … Continue reading


Human communication

You might find this ABC RN program of interest .. talks about the physiological impacts of actual human interactions (eye contact, touching, etc) and how these impact on people’s well being. Of relevance to those of us promoting real human … Continue reading