Iran Crisis in the Gulf of Homuz

People in the Middle East will pay a terrible price for US citizens electing Donald Trump.

In July 1988, the USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian civilian airliner.

A year later, the US Naval Institute Proceedings carried a report by the commander of sister ship who put the blame on the gung-ho behaviour of the Vincennes commander which he said had been ‘a topic of wardroom conversation.’

Throughout, Washington blamed the Iranian civilian pilot for flying in a manner threatening to the warship.

If Assange is the Falcon, Trump is the Snowmanus-warships-in-the-suez-1US Ships playing war games near the Gulf

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 Friday at Noon 28th of June 2019

In 2018 Paradigm Shift hosted a local spokesperson for the resistance in Iran. During that interview he showed the sympathy for the United States foreign policy in the region. I wonder how he feels now with the Pres Trump threatening to authorise military attacks on Iran. Two weeks ago trumpet did give the okay for missile strikes as he had done in Syria but at the last moment had a cold feet. Perhaps there was not enough real estate in the deal if he were to start a war with Iran. The interviewee Michael was detained on Manus by the Australian government after he had fled Iran. [Interview with Michael].

If the US fulfils its promise of military intervention the people of Iran Will pay a terrible price. A Price seminar to that paid by the people of…

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History of Western Civilisation

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