People’s Sleepout – Housing is a Human Right

There will be a People's Sleepout in Brisbane Post Office Square at 3pm on Friday, 21 June 2019 to help draw attention to the issues raised in Jonno's speech below and pressure all levels of government to do more to address the root causes of homelessness. Please invite your friends to the event. Jonno … Continue reading People’s Sleepout – Housing is a Human Right

Destination Manus Island

Please support Sail4Justice

Paradigm Shift

Word from Andy who is sailing from Queensland to Manus Island with Sail 4 Justice.

Paradigm Shift wishes the crew a safe journey.

“This is us pulling in to Yeppoon a couple of days ago after five days at sea. A lack of wind meant we had a break there, which i took advantage of by popping up to the adani protest camp and singing a few songs at a rad gig there. Getting back on the ocean now to keep heading north towards Manus Island, where we keep getting more horrible reports about the situation for people stuck there. Follow Sail 4 Justice for more updates.”

Andy has done a number of radio shows on Paradigm Shift about Australian government detention of refugees on Manus Island. To understand why it is important to support htis effort you can listen to some of the shows at the links below.

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