Help Save UQ Union Complex

The Save the UQ Union Complex Committee’s (SUQUC) heritage application is now online on the Heritage Department’s website –

March around circular drive from the forum area at UQU Complex to the JD Story (Admin) Building. Students were upset that special branch were allowed on campus.

On the same site you will find a link to the Public Notice inviting written submissions from members of the public. The notice explains the process to follow. Please note that the deadline for submissions is 7 June. It is very important for our chances of success that the Heritage Council receives submissions supporting our claim.

Not only will a large volume of sympathetic submissions show the extent of support, the comments and information supplied in the submissions will be taken into account, adding to the arguments developed in the application itself.

As you will see from examining the application, we argue strongly that the site is historically important as a place of independent thought and cultural expression and a hub of democracy from which numerous campaigns were initiated and supported, campaigns that had the accumulative effect of changing the course of Queensland history.  

Please take the time to write a submission.

It can be based on your personal association with the site or your assessment of its historical importance or a combination of both. It can focus on the political life of the site, the role of the Schonell, the history of 4ZZZ, the architecture of the place or any other aspect you consider relevant and important.

If you have friends or contacts within organisations you know to be supportive, encourage them to make a submission too. Let’s create an avalanche.

Written submissions
Written submissions quoting the HRN 650238 must be received by 7 June 2019 and should be lodged with:

Executive Officer, Heritage Branch
Department of Environment and Science

Or email:

Please note that all submissions received by the department in response to this advertisement are considered to be public information unless otherwise determined. Copies of submissions will be given to a range of stakeholders, including the owner of the place and the relevant local authority, as part of the cultural heritage significance assessment of the place.

For further information please contact the department’s Heritage Branch.


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