Film: Capharnaum

I recommend this film. It shows the uneven economic development of Lebanon inside the slums of Beirut. Neo-cons said their policies would bring wealth to Lebanon in the 1970s but this was untrue. And who suffers? Foreign workers are shipping in, given domestic work and treated as slaves by the Lebanese middle class. An Ethiopian domestic gives you a certain status, a Filipino gives you a higher status. How pathetic is this? They mistreat these workers.

Here is the synopsis: Inside a court, Zain, (played by Zain Al Rafeea), a 12-year-old Lebanese boy, is brought before the judge. To the question: “Why are you attacking your parents in court?”, Zain answers: “For giving me life!” The film retraces the incredible journey of this child in search of his identity and who rebels against the life that was imposed on him.

At the end of the day, those children are really paying a very high price for our conflicts, and our wars, and our systems, and our stupid decisions, and governments. I felt the need to talk about the problem, and I was thinking, if those children could talk, or could express themselves, what would they say? What would they tell us, this society that ignores them? – Nadine Labaki (Director).

Ian Curr

14 Feb 2019

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