From there to here: aboriginal call for truth & reconciliation

Paradigm Shift

Aboriginal struggle

  1. Call for Truth and Reconciliation by Sam Watson
  2. Guniwaya Ngigu by Madeline McGrady
  3. Debbing Creek – sacred land
  4. Listen online @

Call for truth and Reconciliation by Sam Watson
Aboriginal leader calls for truth and reconciliation commission to hold white Australia to account.

“There is still a long way to go,” Sam Watson said.

“There are still issues that are unresolved.

“We still don’t have a treaty.”

He called for “basic honestly from white Australia” about the history of our nation.

didn’t give them our country, we didn’t sell our country, they stole
this country by armed invasion,” Mr Watson told the rally.

this day, white Australia has never been held accountable…there should
be a truth and reconciliation commission here in Australia…white
Australia needs to be held to account for the crimes against humanity,
perpetrated against our people.

“This blood, this land, this suffering that…

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