Solidarity with Mapuche

The Chilean community in Brisbane is making a call to stand up for the Mapuche people in Chile, the indigenous people from the Temukuikuiis community, from the south of Chile has been under siege and repressed for the last years due to the government and private companies wanting to take over their ancestral lands.

The Mapuche people have been active to try to stop this from happening. Recently numbers have seen 15 indigenous people murdered by the police government and the special command unit called “jungle command” who belong to the government police forces.

The last victim was Camilo Catrillan who was kill on the 14/11/18 . He was working on his land when he lost his life. until now the government is denying responsibility on this murder.

We want justices for Camilo Catalan and all the Mapuche people who have lost their lives under the repression of the chilean government. We are calling to raise our voices and demand justice for the indigenous people in Chile.

For details of the event see

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