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Today in Chile young Mapuche activist Camilo Catrillanca from Temukuikui community was shot and killed by Chilean police .

He was killed by a special command unit called Jungle Command , a newly-formed military police taskforce trained in Colombia and US and launched in July , with the stated directive from Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to “fight terrorism” in Mapuche territories.

To deliver a letter to the Chilean consulate addressed Chilean President Sebastian Pinera to immediately abolish the Jungle Command and stop the repression, killings and militarisation of Mapuche Indigenous People .

  “The murder of Camilo Catrillanca occurs in a framework of an escalation of repression in the Wallmapu. The arrival in July of the Jungle Command marked a milestone of the political intent ions of the government of Sebastian Pinera : to increase the repression and not give a political solution to the territorial conflict in the Wallmapu. Surrounded by large landowners and forestry companies, Temukuikui is an emblematic territory of the systematic repression on the part of the Chilean State, which todayhas spilled over with the murder of Pef’li Camilo, Jaime Mendoza Collie, Jose Quintriqueo, Juan Collihuin Catril, Matthias Catrileo, Santiago Maldonado, Jorge Suarez Marihuan, Alex Lemun, Rafael Nawef, are some of the bodies that have remained as witnesses of the “indigenous politics” of the various governments of Chile and Argentina. A racist policy, which aims to promote the development of capital – such as mining, forestry and oil companies- so that these can be installed in the historic territories of the Mapuche people.

Thus, the hundreds of communities that have risen up, giving the fight against this new invasion, have been savagely repressed and their members harassed, murdered, imprisoned. Hundreds of Pefii and Lamgen have passed through prisons many times without trial making preventive prisons eternal.”



Young man Camillo Catrillanca murdered by Jungle Command.



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