Brisbane Radical Events and Diary
Thursday November 15

The Reluctant Radical Film Screening (FLAC Fundraiser)
6-8:30pm at Rumpus Room, 1/56 Russell St West End
Facebook event

If a crime is committed in order to prevent a greater crime, is it forgivable? Is it, in fact, necessary?

Join Frontline Action on Coal as we follow the journey of the THE RELUCTANT RADICAL​ in this grassroot documentary showing activist Ken Ward confrons his fears and put himself in the direct path of the fossil fuel industry to combat climate change.

With Adani ramping up, and the coal industry forging ahead with no climate action from our government, come raise some much needed funds to support frontline work against the coal industry and here the latest updates from FLAC. There will be snacks and merch for sale, with beers just inside @ Rumpus Room, so bring ya change and a cushion to sit on!

Entry by donation, suggested $10 unwaged/low income & $20 waged/solidarity, but we don’t want money to be a barrier.

6:00 pm – intro & FLAC updates
6:30 pm – Film Screening

About Film:
The Reluctant Radical reveals both the personal costs and also the fulfillment that comes from following one’s moral calling- even if that means breaking the law. The film follows Ken through a series of direct actions, culminating with an action that shuts down all the U.S. tar sands oil pipelines and threatens to put him behind bars for 20 years. Ken Ward has no regrets, and his certainty leaves the audience to consider if he is out of touch with reality, or if it is the rest of society that is delusional for not acting when faced with the unsettling evidence that we are collectively destroying our world.

Brisbane Free University Reading Group
6-7pm at 2/63 Annerley Road

A reading group! A discussion space! Tea-drinking!

The idea is pretty simple: a bunch of folks getting together to think through some big ideas, drink tea, and shamelessly embrace our earnest enthusiasm for critical theory and gooey philosophical chats.

The focus of this reading group has been (and continues to be) on critical and radical theory both within and beyond the academic canon. We read broadly, often from within Indigenous / queer / black / POC / critical race / postcolonial / anti-capitalist / feminist / critical disability theory, but also aesthetic theory, fiction, poetry and film. We set up a reading group in part to explore the possibilities of collective learning, and to think about how we learn through discussion and dialogue across different experiences and ideas. We are reading this content in particular because we reckon it might help us to respond to the crises of the present…and also because it’s really brain-crunchy and interesting. We hope that these are spaces in which our existing ideas might be challenged or unsettled, in which we might find ourselves wondering and questioning and rethinking, and in which we might have very nice times with good friends.

These discussion groups will be open to everyone, regardless of whether or not you want to read in advance. These kinds of projects should be fun, accessible, fumble-friendly. Please let us know if they’re not!

Other details!

All of the readings for the next few months are uploaded to a google drive: the link is here! Go nuts!

This week’s readings are: Those who walk away from Omelas – Ursula le Guin

Click to access Text_LeGuin%20Ursula_Ones%20Who%20Walk%20Away%20From%20Omelas.pdf

Conglomerate by Robert Brice

The Garden of Endings by K.J. Kabza

Friday November 16

Change Not Chains: Abolitionist Dinner Forum
5:30-8:30pm at AHEPA Hall, 126A Boundary St West End
Facebook event

As Sisters Inside’s Imagining Abolition Conference wraps up, we will be putting on a forum over dinner with an extraordinary range of speakers from the conference.

We will be joined by Prof Angela Davis, Debbie Kilroy, Gina Dent, Kim Pate, Julia Whaipooti, Vickie Roach, and Pat Turner.

Guests will be able to submit a question to the panel or to a specific speaker when they buy a ticket, with those questions contributing to Q&As with the speakers.

Tickets are $35. Live music by Kirra Voller, Donna Velia Woods, and Voices of Colour

Dinner prepared by local community (including a vegan option). There will be a raffle to win artwork autographed by the speakers joining us.

This event will be held on the lands of the Jagera, Yuggera, Yuggerapul and Turrbul people. We acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded, this land was never ceded, and it always was, and always will be Aboriginal Land.

Saturday November 17

Stop Fencing Out the Homeless! Snap Rally for Public Housing
9-10am at Kurilpa Pt Park, South Brisbane
Facebook event

Please join us at 9am on Saturday, 17 November for a short sharp protest to remind the State Government that we don’t support fencing homeless people out of public spaces, and that the government needs to urgently address the chronic shortage of public housing in Queensland.

The government is spending $120 000 to landscape the area under the Kurilpa Bridge to discourage homeless people from sleeping there. Last Monday, we dismantled the temporary fencing in an act of defiance. Now that the government has installed it again we want to send a louder, clearer message that if they have money to support and subsidise mega-casinos, horse races, prisons and coal mines, then there’s no legitimate reason that they can’t find more money for public housing.

First Nations people have been camping at Kurilpa for generations. For the State Government to aggressively control and police the presence of marginalised people in these public spaces while continuing to deny Aboriginal sovereignty is particularly outrageous, and needs to be resisted. Please bring adjustable wrenches if you have them.

Animal Rights Vegan Outreach UNITY March
10:30am at Queens Parks
Facebook event

Around the globe vegans now celebrate the 1st of November as World Vegan Day, and November is recognised as the Vegan Month of the Year.

On Saturday 17th November C2CAF and Co-hosts, Vegetarian and Vegan Society of Queensland, will unite forces and invite citizens to rally in UNITY for ANIMAL RIGHTS and VEGAN OUTREACH.

We will be marching against ALL forms of OPPRESSION with NO exceptions or excuses defined by speciesism.

All beings deserve the right to be free from exploitation, pain, fear and suffering.
All life should be respected regardless of species.
All lives deserve more, and should not be defined as just someone’s consumerable or for any form of entertainment.

This march will be advocating against ALL forms of ANIMAL CRUELTY for food, entertainment, research, fashion and sport.


💜 Be present for UNITY FOR ALL BEINGS 💜

🔻Please note: If any person or persons feel uncomfortable at any C2CAF event, please speak to a C2CAF coordinator. We endeavour to provide a safe environment for all attendees, and we follow our legal requirements at all times. Thank you. 💜

ZINE FAIR + Zine Hub Launch
12-5pm at Outer Space, 1/170 Montague Rd South Brisbane
Facebook event

To celebrate the launch of the exciting new Paper Snax Zine Hub! we will be hosting a Zine Fair for all of Brisbane’s Zine makers and zine lovers!!

Come check out the best of Brisbane’s self-published writers, artists, poets and comic book makers. Get inspired to get creating yourself!

Sunday November 18

Strategy Day: Next Steps for the Renters Rights Campaign
10am-2pm at 2/63 Annerley Rd Woolloongabba
Facebook event

The campaign for stronger renters rights in Queensland is chugging along nicely. But we need more people to step up and get involved!

The State Government has finally announced a review into renters’ rights and now we need to push hard to ensure they make some serious changes rather than just watered-down compromises.

Come along to our strategy day to discuss plans for the next few months. We’ll be tossing around ideas about how we can apply a bit more pressure on the government to make some serious improvements to renters rights in Queensland.

Part of the day will be dedicated to writing/ drawing/ filming submissions to the Department of Housing and Public Works. Let’s get creative!

Vego lunch and snacks will be provided.

Artivism: Hip-hop meets poetry
6-7:30pm at 46 Evesham St Moorooka
Facebook event

“What is art but a servant to social justice”

This is a night where hip-hop meets poetry and young artists will paint their vision of the world through music. Through history, language has been the soundtrack for revolution and change. So we will dance, learn and be inspired by 15 of Brisbane’s finest MCs, poets and singers who will use language to speak on a range of topics. They will use rhythm and rhyme to discuss a range of topics like democracy, politics, equality and race. You may hate politics, but everything we do and don’t do is a political act. Join us in exploring what this means through music.

This is a safe, supportive event where everyone is welcome. It is a space specifically for people of color that is Queer-friendly and trans-friendly. Entry is 5$ and feel free to invite your friends.

Monday November 19

A New Approach to Activist Support – Info Session
5:30-7pm at Queensland Conservation Council, 1/377 Montague Rd West End
Facebook event

Being an environmental activist can be powerfully rewarding and intensely meaningful. It can also be challenging, lonely, heartbreaking and at times downright scary. As well as getting skilled up in campaigning, skill-up on self care can be key to sustaining your activism. Come to an information session for environmental activists to hear some ideas about what might be useful for you.

Presenter bio:

Stephanie Long became active in the environment movement through the Jabiluka campaign in the ‘90s and spent 15 years campaigning at the national and international levels on campaigns including Climate Justice.

More recently Steph has been working with refugee survivors of torture and trauma, finished her masters of social work and manages, supervises and mentors staff in this area.

This workshop brings together her understanding of the challenges of environmental activism with the skills and experience she has learned and developed in social work, supervision and trauma counseling.

Tuesday November 20

Brisbane – Australia Needs A Pay Rise!
12:30-1:30pm at Emma Miller Place
Facebook event

Profits are through the roof. CEO pay keeps going up. Big Business isn’t paying its fair share of tax – 1-in-5 Big Australian Companies have paid ZERO tax in the last 3 years. The cost of living is racing away , but but wages have gone nowhere – increasing only 1.5% in real terms over the last five years.

The rules are broken and Australian workers are getting stiffed. It is time to Change the Rules!

Come on Tuesday 20 November and show the LNP and their friends in the Big End of Town that we won’t stand for it any longer. It is the people who make the rules and it is the people who will change the Rules.

Refugees off Nauru – teacher walk out
4pm at King George Square
Facebook event

As teacher unionists we are going to be a part of this walk off organised by the QTU. We will be walking out of school at 2.30pm. Community outrage has forced the Morrison government to start taking children off Nauru by Christmas. We shouldn’t stop there. Let’s bring all refugees to Australia.

This is shaping up to be a powerful national protest but it is not a stop work. If you are a teacher unionist you will need to convene a meeting at your school, hold a ballot and work with your admin to determine how many teachers can be released that afternoon. Agreeing to cover the classes at school is a brilliant way to show solidarity for the walk out.

We are walking out of school at 2.30 – in accordance with union directive – and will gather at King George Sq at 4pm.

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