Don’t mourn, organise! Join us at Ideas for Freedom

Don’t mourn, organise!

In the wake of the EU referendum result, and the looming fight in the Labour Party to save Corbyn’s leadership, many people feel dazed. We want to invite you to not loose heart, to keep fighting, and to come to Ideas for Freedom to join us in our discussions, reorient ourselves and renew ourselves for the fight ahead.

We will be hosting a discussion of left-wing activists who campaigned for a ″remain″ vote to discuss what to do next. What should we do to safeguard and extend migrant rights? How can we campaign on social issues for which migrants have been scapegoated? How can we change the Labour Party and fight the right wing? Speakers so far include Michael Chessum from Another Europe is Possible.

We will also be discussing how to change the Labour Party with Ian Hodson, Bakers Union; Jon Lansman, Momentum; Pete Radcliffe, Broxtowe CLP; and Sophie Nazemi, co-chair Kings Labour Club. And hosting a debate between John McTernan (former advisor to Tony Blair) and Jill Mountford (Momentum steering committee).

Find out more about the agenda by clicking on the image below or on our website at

Day tickets are now available, see below to find out whats on which day.

We’d love you to join us! We will be running free accommodation, a free creche and will be using an accessible venue. More information about access to the event can be found on our website, calling 020 7394 8923, or emailing office.

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