The Conscientious Communist

Passing on the content of a couple of emails sent to me from Melissa White about the recently published book about E H Lane, The Conscientious Communist. The book costs about $40 if bought from a bookshop, but is considerably cheaper if bought from the MUA. See hereunder:

Before you order and buy a copy of Jeff Rickertt’s book about Ernie Lane, could you consider buying your copy directly from the MUA Qld branch? The reason for this is that Bob committed to buy 150 in order to in advance in order to persuade the publisher to go ahead with the publication. Bob will also therefore sell it at a vastly cheaper price compared to the stockist (Avid Reader) e.g. $25 vs $45. Don’t quote me on exact prices, but the difference is considerable.

Best wishes,


Actually Bob has said he’s happy to sell the book for $20, which will allow the MUA to break even. Address of the branch is 73 Southgate Ave, Cannon Hill. Come up to the reception desk during normal office hours and the book can be purchased. Or of course I could bring copies home if anyone wanted to meet me closer to home.

Melissa can be contacted via this email address: mkw_1973
(There is an underscore after the mkw).

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