Letter from America – Massive Voter Fraud

Evidence of massive voter fraud is starting to be uncovered here in California.

Bernie Sanders won the California primary by a huge landslide. Indeed, he probably won across the entire country, or most of it.

It looks like Bernie won by about a 2 to 1 margin in California in view of the removal of two-thirds (or more) of his votes from the official results.

The real results are estimated to be something like 69% (Sanders) to 31% (Clinton).

How this level of fraud and vote rigging in achieved in this country is summed up in this straight forward video:

(please excuse the computer-generated voice that they used for the voice-over narration)


NPP = No Party Preference.

This is a complex subject which is highly veiled in secrecy since they manage to cover their tracks fairly well.

Here is a full-length documentary (link below), it is both a gripping story and a real eye-opener.


It is easy to see how democracy is a complete and utter farce in this country despite all the spin that this is the “greatest democracy on earth”. Hah!

The shit may be just about to hit the fan.

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