Moving Away from Free Trade and Extractivism to Dismantle Corporate Power

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Call to join the space

“People and the Planet Before Profit: Moving Away from Free Trade and Extractivism to Dismantle Corporate Power”

facilitated by the self-managed committee

Extractivism, Free Trade Agreemments and power of transnationals

Within the upcoming World Social Forum in Montreal to be held from August 9 to 14, many groups have come together to create a space where we can implement joint actions related to extractivism, free trade agreements and the power of transnational corporations.

We call on all organizations and movements that campaign against one or all of these three pillars of the neoliberal capitalist system to build collectively this WSF space of convergence of our battles, and to officially support it.

You will find below a description of the collective moments we are building for this space:

– Self-managed workshops proposed autonomously by different groups, which we will bring together into a specific program on extractivism, free trade and the power of transnationals. A leaflet will be produced to promote all the workshops. To be in this program, each group registering a workshop should indicate in their registration that they are part of the Self organized committee on “Extractivism, free trade agreements and power of transnationals” by ticking the appropriate box in the online WSF registration form: (Https://

Please note that the deadline to register for self-managed workshops is June 15, 2016.

Grand conference “Voices of resistance and alternatives” during which activists from the 5 continents will be invited to speak: August 10, 2016, from 6pm to 8pm.

– A pre-forum Strategy meeting (August 9, 2016, from 1pm to 4pm), a second Strategy meeting (August 11, 2016, from 1pm to 3:30pm) and an Assembly of convergence (August 12, 2016, from 4pm to 6pm). These moments will look into collectively construct an horizon of actions and strategies to advance in the articulation of our movements’ battles against the power of transnationals, against the Free Trade and Investment Agreements, and against an extractivist model that attack human rights, destroys our environment and provokes climate change.

Outdoor space: A space outside in the heart of the WSF activities near UQAM will be used for video projections, artistic, and theatrical performance, food service, education and awareness kiosks and more. This physical space will be shared with the following self-managed committees: Environment, Agriculture and Food, De-Growth and Palestine.

Many groups are already involved in the planning of these activities. We would be very pleased to have you join us in building this collective space at the WSF!

We invite you to confirm your interest and to support the process now by listing the name and location of your group, following this link:

You may also write to

This information will be disseminated in the program presenting all the activities related to the space.

You will find below the links to a short narrative that describes the space’s vision and spirit.

English Version at

Spanish Version at

French Version at

Link to the Self-organized Committee’s page on the WSF web site:



Contact persons managing this email::

Catherine Paquin, L’Entraide missionnaire

Pierre-Yves Serinet, RQIC

Marie-Eve Marleau, CDHAL

Upcoming meeting of the expanded self-organized committee::

These meetings serve to build collectively the vision and different actions of the Self –organized committee program and to report on work accomplished to date. These meetings can be accessed remotely (via Skype) and interpretation in English, French and Spanish is assured.

Date :

June 20th, 2016, from 11:00am to 2:00 pm

Location : Développement et Paix (1425, boul. René-Lévesque Ouest, salle du 4e étage)

ID skype : comiteddhh

Thank you for confirming your attendance at these meetings (whether in person or remotely).

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