1971 Anti-Apartheid (Springbok) Protests, Queensland

Here is a new Anti-Apartheid section on the Radical Times Historical Archive starting to take shape…..

The new section is the second one down the page (scrolling down from the top) headed:

Resources: 1971 Anti-Apartheid (Springbok) Protests, Queensland

I just finished adding two new audio streams (about 19 minutes long) that were recorded at the Tower Mill prior to, during, and after the second police charge and police riot on Saturday 24th July 1971. This recording serves to bring the passion and intensity of whole event back to life rather vividly.

Part A is a record of the build up to the police charge/police riot recorded as a series of short grabs between (roughly) 4pm and 7pm.

Part B is a recording of on-the-spot depositions taken immediately afterwards. Several of these statements capture the high drama and the emotional intensity of the moment.

You can listen to this tape (which is split into two streams of about equal length) under thumbnail 1C……

Cheers for now, Peter

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