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Affordable housing in West End, anywhere?

[Editor’s Note: This is a comment to an article by Jon Picini – Four theses on ‘green bans’ and the contemporary right to the city] Regarding what Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy’s Boe  said at a recent public meeting about affordable … Continue reading


Rights to the streets, housing …

Andy (PShift) and Corey (Earth Show, 3CR) talk with Jono Sri (Greens councillor on Brisbane City Council) talk about affordable housing in Brisbane and elsewhere. Highlight the need for direct action at places like the ABSOE site in West End … Continue reading


Undercurrent in Schools

Andy does an interview with Marian from Undercurrent that goes into schools and talk about sex, violence, gendered violence … Undercurrent tries to get up a conversation about social issues, sex education and things that impact of young students lives. … Continue reading