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To catch a thief: detention deceit

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We need to look more closely at what companies and their boards of directors profit from the misery of refugees and why states like Australia get away with paying crooked tax avoiders millions to lock up people seeking asylum. Continue reading


100 years after Easter rebellion U.S./U.K. NATO warships dock in Dublin

100 years after reducing downtown Dublin to rubble the British Navy returned during last week’s Easter 1916 commemorations. Accompanied by U.S. warships, they docked in Dublin as part of the NATO fleet presently waging wars in Afghanistan and the Middle … Continue reading


Nauru & Manus whistleblowers’ speakout

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Please remember the public meeting organized by the Refugee Action Collective this Saturday. Those who come will be privileged to hear the personal testimony of those who have witnessed and worked in the offshore processing camps (or should we call … Continue reading