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War Chronicle 6-March-2016

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1) Turkey Falls Under Boot of Dictatorship 2) Da’esh lost territory half the size of Lebanon this week to Iraq’s forces 3) Libya: From Jamahiriya to Heartland of Terror 4) Hybrid Wars 1. The Law Of Hybrid Warfare 5) Houthi forces overwhelm Saudi Army in northern … Continue reading


Rafeef Ziadah – ‘We Teach Life’

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But today, my body was a TV’d massacre made to fit into sound-bites and word limits – Rafeef Ziadiah This is a national tour during the week of 27 Mar till 2 April … times and dates of where Rafeef … Continue reading


Many Thanks to David, Ray and Andy for making this show possible.
Ian Curr
4 Mar 2014

Paradigm Shift

[Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 friday 4 Mar 2016].

Andy: Welcome to the Paradigm Shift on 4ZZZ 102.1 where we challenge the assumptions of our current society, to resist oppression and investigate alternative ways of living for a world based on justice, solidarity and sustainability.

(Music …) Yes, welcome to the Paradigm Shift on 4ZZZ 102.1 FM. We do acknowledge the traditional owners of the land to which we are broadcasting. And today on the Paradigm Shift we are going to be talking Syria.

middle-east-map Click to enlarge (Syria is in the north-west of the map near Turkey)

Ian: Yes, people who have been following the news would know that a really big section of the northern hemisphere has been on tenterhooks in the last couple of weeks because there’s a very difficult conflict playing out there between a number of heavily armed states around Syria including Israel, the United…

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