Celebrity, Corruption & Captains: doing business in Queensland

One way out of this mess is to sack all the CEOs and the boards confiscate their wealth and sacking politically appointed heads of commonwealth and state departments. If this is not practicable, then reduce their salaries to that of ordinary public servants and see how long they last.

War Chronicle 6-Feb-2016

1. Kurdish forces enter rebel heartland in northern Aleppo 6 Feb 2016 2. SAA controls 1) Aleppo city population 2) the Citadel 3) the railway station 3. Week 17 of the Russian Intervention in Syria: does Erdogan want war with Russia? 4. Scramble for Arabia: Gazprom Rulez! Russia and Gazprom to control Europe's energy future … Continue reading War Chronicle 6-Feb-2016