Ningla A’Na – Hungry for Our Land

I've seen most this documentary before but not in one sitting. It is an extraordinary document (one of the landmark events in the ongoing struggle). "The single most important film on the Aboriginal political struggle in the last 50 years" - Gary Foley, Aboriginal historian, activist, leader, writer and actor. SYNOPSIS: A rare addition to … Continue reading Ningla A’Na – Hungry for Our Land

Are we hostage to mining?

Paradigm Shift

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1  at noon, 18 December 2015.

Andy and Ian present a show about the Brazilian dam disaster caused by BHP Billiton and Samarco. Ian talks with Weliton Menario

Track 1 – What happened when the dam walls burst. Mariana is the most affected town. People praying in the square. Whole population sending water and food.  People can’t grow their own food, farming impossible.

Track 2 – Environmental Crisis. ‘Ark of Noah’ operation where local people and researchers collect native species fish and transport them to fresh water for breeding and return to the Rio Doce when it recovers. People are poor and their livelihood wiped out. No alert given for the catastrophe. Samarco negligent. Fish can’t breathe.

Track 3 – Effect on Indigenous People. Brazil is a wealthy country. People can’t produce food now making handicrafts. Govt fined Samarco. Economic Crisis in Brazil. No really rich…

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