Breaking the law (and the lessons learned)


Occupy – Post Office Square, 2 Nov 2011

The law and its enforcement is an impediment to justice. So where are these just masters that we appeal to? Ian Curr.


The first time I was arrested, it was my first night in Brisbane. I was lucky enough to meet that afternoon a few people who would go on to become great friends, and that night they were going dumpster-diving. As somebody who lived (and still lives) off supermarket waste as well, I happily went along with them.

At the bin, the manager came out and told us to leave and put the stuff back. One of my companions refused to. When the manager threatened to call the cops, he responded “go on, call them”.

I had only met these people a few hours earlier, but it felt wrong to leave – I had been happy to join them for the free food, so surely I should be there for the consequences. So the police turned up and, looking a bit embarrassed about the whole situation, put us in the back…

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