Connect recruiting again for Nauru

NOT TOO MANY NURSES EARN $2000 per week!!! Wellbeing Worker- who dreams up this spin??? Mothers forced to raise their babies in tents in camp with limited water and electricity. Community Child & Maternal Wellbeing Worker Status: Full time, fixed term Hours: 38 hours per week Salary: Total salary package of approximately $102062.05 p.a. which … Continue reading Connect recruiting again for Nauru

Stealing Life – the crusader behind “The Wire.”

“The Wire,” Simon often says, is a show about how contemporary American society—and, particularly, “raw, unencumbered capitalism”—devalues human beings. He told me, “Every single moment on the planet, from here on out, human beings are worth less. We are in a post-industrial age. We don’t need as many of us as we once did. So, if the first season was about devaluing the cops who knew their beats and the corner boys slinging drugs, then the second was about devaluing the longshoremen and their labor, the third about people who wanted to make changes in the city, and the fourth was about kids who were being prepared, badly, for an economy that no longer really needs them. And the fifth? It’s about the people who are supposed to be monitoring all this and sounding the alarm—the journalists. The newsroom I worked in had four hundred and fifty people. Now it’s got three hundred. Management says, ‘We have to do more with less.’ That’s the bullshit of bean counters who care only about the bottom line. You do less with less.”