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The people under the armaments: our hope and power in a dark time.

History is an angel being blown backwards into the future
He said: History is a pile of debris
And the angel wants to go back and fix things
To repair the things that have been broken
But there is a storm blowing from Paradise
And the storm keeps blowing the angel backwards into the 
And this storm, this storm is called Progress.
                                  “The Dream Before”
                             Inspired by Walter Benjamin

[Publisher’s Note: I would like to evaluate Žižek’s article ‘In These Times‘ and response to it. What is not being discussed is that the current attacks in Paris are being used as a political tactic by ISIS to turn people against the French government.

What is not discussed in the article or the response to it, is the day before the attacks in Paris, the bombing of a mainly Shia district in Beirut was likewise designed to turn people against Hezbollah (as part of the Lebanese government).

Žižek and governments are fixated with ‘terrorisme’ but unconscious of the strategies behind it. In the article the author makes the facile statement:

“There should be no “deeper understanding” of the ISIS terrorists … they should be characterized as what they are: the Islamo-Fascist counterpart of the European anti-immigrant racists.”

Even though the tactic by ISIS has backfired, so far at least, do people really think that is the end of it? How mad is the logic of raiding the poorer arrondissements, shooting the suspects and bombing ISIS in Syria?

Currently a branch of Hezbollah, along with 20 other groups including ISIS, is listed by the Australian government as a terrorist organisation.

This is despite the role of its parent in Lebanon as a political organisation with wide support, e.g. Hezbollah has a satellite TV station, radio and provides social services. Hezbollah was elected and holds several ministerial positions in the Lebanese government. It has a highly disciplined military, strong enough to defeat ISIS in Lebanon and possibly in Syria (as well). This ‘terrorist’ wing that has put boots on the ground in Southern Lebanon and Syria. I am no apologist for Hezbollah but no person living through this period would doubt its role in bringing 5 years of peace after it drove the Israeli occupation out in 2006.

What is not being discussed on the Left is the Australian and other western governments’ failure to distinguish between Hezbollah and groups like ISIS, especially when all but one of the 20 ‘terrorist’ groups listed are Islamic.

Ian Curr
19 November 2015


The Word From Struggle Street


On The Suicide Of The Refugee W.B.

(for Walter Benjamin)

I am told that you raised your hand against yourself
Anticipating the butcher.
After eight years of exile, observing the rise of the enemy
Then at last, brought up against an impassable frontier
You passed, they say, a passable one.

Empires collapse. Gang leaders
are strutting about like statesmen. The peoples
Can no longer be seen under all those armaments.

So the future lies in darkness and the forces of right
Are weak. All this was plain to you
When you destroyed a torturable body.

– Bertolt Brecht

In the wake of the Paris attacks Slavoj Žižek published, a now widely derided, article in In These Times. My purpose here is not to engage in the evaluation of this piece and its critiques so much; rather to expose how one of the deep errors Žižek makes is an expression of a…

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Los Chicago Boys

 A new documentary, Chicago Boys, looks at the Chilean economists who brought neoliberalism from the halls of Chicago to the policies of Latin America.
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Teachers at Brisbane school to strike over student’s immigration detention

This gallery contains 2 photos.

There has never been a more important time for you to show your support for the #FreeMojgan campaign – if you have not had opportunity to come along to a rally or march, this is THE moment to demonstrate your … Continue reading


Corporate stranglehold of farmland a risk to world food security, study says

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Publishers note: The Nile Delta was once a most fertile farming area and could support a rich agricultural civilisation by the use of manual labour. This was lost after the building of the Aswan dam and the use of fertilisers … Continue reading


The mourning after Paris

The mourning after (in Australia): I met this morning at the Glebe Fair a Lebanese-Australian I’ve known for years. He used to work as a maintenance staff at Sydney University when I worked there. He never struck me as a … Continue reading


Paris: Your Wars – Our Dead

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The Wretched of the Earth

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[Publisher’s Note: Given events in Lebanon, Mali, Nigeria, Libya Iraq and Syria since the year 2000, I think it wise to look back to the 1950s and 1960s when France was in the thick of colonial wars in Indo-China and … Continue reading


Guiding principles for strengthening the participation of local Aboriginal community in child protection decision making

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Yaama Ganu, Please find attached the following document “Guiding Principles for Strengthening the Participation of Local Aboriginal Commmunity in Child Protection Decision Making” [GMAR FACS Guiding Principles FINAL Nov 2015.pdf ] This document was launched by the NSW Minister for … Continue reading


Police deny Wicked Pickets’ complaints of harassment

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The women’s movement has a proud history in Queensland fighting for democratic rights – and police attempted to deny those rights. But participants and organisers stood firm and marched! Continue reading


Free the Refugees – Benefit Concert and Dinner

The Refugee Action Collective end of year Benefit Concert. Join us to mark a year of struggle and help us continue the fight for Refugee rights. Featuring Jumping Fences, Phil Monsour and more to be announced. Saturday 12 December 7.00PM … Continue reading


So why are they bombing Syria, thousands ask?

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‘Our fight will be merciless’ – Francois Hollande, President of Fifth Republic of France Someone threw down their bedsheets to cover the bodies. Too afraid to go out. Queensland LNP member for Moggill called for the re-introduction of the death … Continue reading


Community Radio training for people from non-English speaking background

Thanks to a grant from the Community Broadcasting Foundation Ltd, 4ZZZ is offering a special one day workshop for people who are non-English native speakers aged 18 to 40 years and open to everyone (subscribers and non 4ZZZ subscribers alike) … Continue reading


Civil Disobedience

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Originally posted on Paradigm Shift:
Paradigm Shift 4zzz fm 102.1 on 13 Nov 2015 Andy and Ian talk about civil disobedience from a theoretical and a practical perspective. Andy quotes from his recently produced zine called: ‘God’s law, or Man’s?‘…


Intimidation on Jonson Street

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On Wednesday Byron Friends of Palestine held a stall on Jonson Street outside Fundies supporting the non-violent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against the apartheid Israeli state. Others were also there playing music, reading palms and selling jewellery but … Continue reading


The Rise of the Post-New Left Political Vocabulary

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Originally posted on The Public Autonomy Project:
If a handful of time-travelling activists from our own era were somehow transported into a leftist political meeting in 1970, would they even be able to make themselves understood? They might begin to…


Turkey G20 solidarity event

[Some folks are getting together for a G20 solidarity with Turkey event Nov 18-Nov 20, 2015. Thnx RT – IC  13 Nov 2015] TALKING TURKEY – Solidarity Against G20 Support for Oppressed Minorities. at Upstairs at 199 Boundary St West … Continue reading


Australia & the Fascist Idea of Greater Britain

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Originally posted on Imperial & Global Forum:
Oswald Mosley at a BUF parade, 1936. Evan Smith Flinders University Follow on Twitter @Hatfulofhistory ‘Our world mission is the maintenance and development of the heritage of Empire,’ the leader of the British…


BASE (2011-2015): Treaties Conference

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This weekend, from November 13th – 15th, the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy will be hosting a community conference and camp-out at Musgrave Park. All welcome to come along to sessions or camp-out for the weekend, food will be shared during … Continue reading


Jewish Women unfurl “Boycott Israel” banner at Jewish Holy Site in Jerusalem

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Yesterday (Tuesday 10 November) two Jewish-American women displayed a controversial “Boycott Israel” banner at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. For Jews, the Wailing Wall, otherwise known as the Kotel or Western Wall, is one of the most sacred holy sites … Continue reading


Peace Advocate Climbs U.S. Navy Satellite Dish in Sicily

On the morning of Armistice Day, November 11, 2015, longtime peace activist Turi Vaccaro climbed to where you see him in the photo above. He brought a hammer and made this a Plowshares action by hammering on the enormous satellite … Continue reading


Why revolution is no longer possible

[Publisher’s Note: Despite claims being made in the article below by Byung-Chul Han that revolution is not possible, there is ongoing resistance to austerity in many places, in Asia, in Southern Europe, and even now in Great Britain with the election … Continue reading


People power for Abyan shows how to stop refugee cruelty

More than 1000 health professionals and medical workers rallied outside hospitals in Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Adelaide and Newcastle on 30 October to demand the release of children from detention. The demonstrations followed the stand by over 1000 doctors, nurses and … Continue reading


Griffith EcoCentre Forum: Avoiding the Black Hole

There’s an international transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy and energy efficiency, being led by Denmark, Germany, China (by air pollution necessity), and some states of the US. Closer to home, New Zealand, South Australia and the A.C.T. … Continue reading


How did the first world war actully end?

If you read nothing else from emails this week, make SURE you read this piece by Paul Mason! We need to make this as much part of our consciousness as Simpson, his donkey and his working class passion sent on … Continue reading

God’s Law, Or Man’s? – civil disobedience and the bible (a zine)

[Publisher’s Note: Andy Paine has written a zine that looks at civil disobedience from a Christian perspective.

Unfortunately such action assumes that the government has a conscience which, given Peter Dutton’s sermons in the last few days, I think we can safely assume it does not.

Or put another way, the minister for immigration wrestles with his conscience every day and wins!

Thnx Andy for this excellent analysis and record of civil disobedience over the past 2000 years.

Ian Curr,
11 Nov 2015.]
God’s Law or Man’s – Civil Disobedience and the Bible


































This zine explores civil disobedience through a Christian lens – looking at what the bible has to say about it, along with some of my own experiences and a few examples of Christians through history who have broken the law of the land in trying to live out the kingdom of God.

Now I love zines as a medium, but it does seem a shame that after finally finishing this, it now relies on me photocopying and distributing all these little booklets. So to make it a bit easier for people to access, I’m putting it up here as as a digital file. If you would like a paper copy get in contact, or feel free to print and distribute copies yourself!

God’s Law or Man’s – Civil Disobedience and the Bible

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Byron Friends of Palestine on Jonson Street, Byron Bay

Byron friends of Palestine will have a street stall on Jonson Street as near as possible to Fundies at 11.00 tomorrow, Wednesday. The Palestinemobile now has a homemade roof rack on which twin Palestinian flags can be raised and the … Continue reading


Disability pension: When will we get a minister who chooses reality over fear tactics?


South Park do “Safe Space” censorship

VID (2 mins)-London @ Bookfair – South Park do “Safe Space” censorship Ciaron O’Reilly Blog “The poor tell us who we are, The prophets tell us who we could be, So we hide the poor, And kill the prophets.” … Continue reading


National Review of Mental Health Programmes and Services

[Publisher’s Note: Many years ago in the early 1960s, my father drove out of the Mary Street Psychiatric Clinic in Brisbane. I was in the car with Dad and he told me something I have never forgotten … ‘don’t ever … Continue reading


“Stand-Off” Continues on Christmas Island