Australia & the Fascist Idea of Greater Britain

An interesting article on Australia and the British Fascist movement – They liked us! [Thnx to GMacL, aye – I.C.]

An alternative vision to the ‘million farms campaign’ of the 1920s, this weekend, from November 13th – 15th, the Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy will be hosting a community conference and camp-out at Musgrave Park to discuss treaty and de-colonisation. All welcome to come along to sessions or camp-out for the weekend, food will be shared during the event. There may also be opportunities to help out with setting up, cooking and serving food.


Australian Million Farms Campaign Committee c1921

Imperial & Global Forum

Oswald Mosley at a BUF parade, 1936. Oswald Mosley at a BUF parade, 1936.

Evan Smith
Flinders University
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‘Our world mission is the maintenance and development of the heritage of Empire,’ the leader of the British Union of Fascists (BUF), Sir Oswald Mosley, declared in the BUF’s journal, Fascist Quarterly, in 1936.[1] Although often overlooked by scholars of British fascism, this pro-imperial sentiment was central to the ideology of the BUF. For the BUF, the maintenance of the British Empire was imperative – key to keeping Britain’s place within the world and ensuring living standards in the domestic sphere.

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