Greens challenge Brisbane to follow Redlands on Political Donations

The Greens’ candidate for Brisbane Lord Mayor, Ben Pennings, today called on Brisbane to follow the lead of Redland City Council on political donations. Redland City Council voted yesterday to request the State Government ban all political donations, extending the motion by Cr Craig Ogilvie to follow NSW and ban donations from property developers. Mr. Pennings said:

“ The ALP and LNP both accept large donations from property developers, construction companies and others with a vested interest in council decisions. Then they refuse to declare those donations till after the election. Brisbane residents deserve transparency in council decisions, not questions about back room deals with lobbyists and political donors from the big end of town.”

Mr. Pennings committed Greens councillors to use their power in the chamber to convince the State Government to follow the lead of New South Wales. He said:

“Brisbane City Council decisions should be totally removed from lobbyists, property developers, construction companies and other vested interests. NSW have capped donations at $5000 and banned donations from property developers. That’d be a great start in Queensland too.”

The Greens’ first campaign commitment was to not accept donations from entities with significant interest in council decisions, and to declare all their donations over $1000 within 7 days. Mr. Pennings said:

“Why do the ALP and LNP hide who pays their bills till after the election? Why do they hide who pays $3000 or $3300 to have lunch with their Lord Mayor candidates? What’s the big secret? I will fight for all Brisbane residents who deserve honesty and integrity from their representatives, not mistrust and secrecy.”

One respected commentator believes a recent paper on property development in Queensland “should have brought down state and local governments, sparked a royal commission and radically changed the Australian housing industry.” It hasn’t.

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