“Fair Play for Palestine” Protests at ABC and Federal Politicians’ Offices

Keystones of Australia’s identity are “fair go” and “mateship” but Australian governments consistently shout foul when the non-violent, non-racist Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign supports fair play for Palestine. In the UN Australia toes the US/Israeli line blocking any resolutions censuring the Jewish state for its vast crimes and refusing to support those calling for freedom and justice for Palestinians. Our media present Israel and Palestine as equal combatants with Israel under siege from knife wielding Islamic fanatics but 66 Palestinians and 9 Israelis have been killed since October 1. Israel is portrayed as the victim defending itself, instead of being the colonialist aggressor stealing Palestinian land and building settlements for 600,000 Jewish immigrants who have no connection to the land. On average 1.7 Palestinian homes are demolished each day to make room for Jewish usurpers.

Gareth Smith, BFOP spokesperson and Jewish Voice for Peace member said: “Israel is an apartheid state worse than South Africa ever was. It ranks 11th in the world for military strength and possesses weapons of mass destruction. It brutally suppresses any protest against its occupation of Palestinian land using tear gas, skunk water, mass arrests, house demolitions, newly invented weapons, bullets and bombs. For 67 years Palestinians and human rights advocates have pleaded with the global community to compel Israel to obey international law but to no avail. If we implemented BDS rigorously and enforced international law we might effect non-violent change and help deradicalise Muslim youth. This why we are protesting and submitting letters to Mr Turnbull, Mr Shorten and Mark Scott, the ABC’s Managing Director, urging them tell the truth about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and to PLAY FAIR FOR PALESTINE”.

Date: Monday November 2, 2015

Venues & approximate times:

Thomas George MP (Nationals). 55 Carrington Street, Lismore. 1000 -1100

Mark Scott, ABC Managing Director, ABC North Coast, 61 High Street, Lismore Heights. 1200 – 1300

Justine Elliott MP (ALP). Suite 6, 6 Hallmark Centre, 107 – 111 Minjungbal Drive, Tweed Heads South

Contact: Gareth Smith

Tel: 02 6680 7360

Mob: 0491 107 279

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