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Marcel Duchamp and his


Not long ago I had the pleasant experience of becoming for the first time an exhibited artist. This was because some of my self-published zines were included in at exhibition at the Childers art gallery along with a bunch of other zine and comic makers from around Australia.

I was a little bit self-conscious about my zines (which I don’t think are especially beautiful, and which often by the time I’ve finished writing I can’t be bothered putting effort into the layout) becoming artworks in a gallery, but mostly it was nice firstly to think that somebody likes what I make enough to include it in an exhibition; and secondly because it was kinda like ticking something off the bucket list. You know, win a sporting grand final, get arrested, do an art exhibition.

I remember quite clearly a moment that must have been at least 7 years ago. I was living…

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China Free Trade Agreement

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The Sanders Phenomenon

Most profiles of Bernie Sanders describe him as something like a “1930s-style radical.”

They are correct, but underspecified.

Sanders is neither strictly a New Dealer, in the lineage of those public-spirited men whom Felix Frankfurter sent down from Harvard to build the administrative state, nor a Popular Fronter.

Instead Sanders still grapples, as we have not since, with the question of how much power the economic elite should hold in a democratic society. Sanders has spent his years in public life pushing against both the New Deal’s political settlement and its policy settlement.

The former ardor has cooled. Sanders, like the right wing of the Socialist Party in 1936, has finally bowed to the inexorable logic of the electoral college and subordinated the third-party dream to the Democratic Party. Continue reading