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Mental Health, Too Much Order & Not Enough Justice

Paradigm Shift

[Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ friday 9 Oct 2015 at noon]

Nathan and Nicole present a show about mental health in the lead-up to World Mental Health Day tomorrow, 10th Oct 2015.

restreamerNathan speaks with Jo Bury about dealing with old age, sickness and loss of independence. Jo recommends that people live in the moment and be caring of other people.

Nicole and Nathan discuss euthanasia and raise the importance of giving people the right to decide when they are ready to go. Nicole suggests that we need to do a lot more about

Some tips
Elderly people may feel too much pride to seek help. There is blame placed on old people. It is important to know your neighbours and reach out.

Musgrave Park – a day out for people on Saturday, 10 Oct 2015. Wesley Mission phone – 18004937939

Andy does a report about over policing, racial profiling and Border…

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An outrage – vicious attack on woman

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Today the Nauru Government and Police stepped up their WAR on Women in Nauru. They did what would never be allowed in this country. They released a Police Brief to every media outlet in Australia through their contracted agent Mercer … Continue reading