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Tribute to Jagera man and to sovereignty

Paradigm Shift

landRights2 copyParadigm Shift (4zzz fm 102.1 fridays at noon) 25 Sep 2015
A tribute to Kevin Vieritz, a proud Jagera  man.
Murrumu bedazzles Cairns court on the failings of the Australian constitution.
Announcer: Ian Curr
Photo: Brendon Qu

Vale Kevin Vieritz (1958 – 2015)
I met Kevin in the last three years of his life. There is one important story I wish to tell; it is Kevin’s story for without him the fight to save the sacred fire that drew us into common cause would never have happened. While I knew him for only three years I learnt some important lessons from our struggle against the state and local government’s refusal to permit the sacred fire in Musgrave Park during that time.
As many would know Musgrave Park (named after an interloper, the Governor of Queensland, Sir Anthony Musgrave K.C.M.G. in 1884 ) has a special significance for aboriginal people…

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