Religious Diversity and a Culture of Peace

A CONVERSATION WITH FARKHANDA CHAUDHRY (MBE), International Woman of the Year 2005, Switzerland.

Speaking on Religious Diversity and a Culture of Peace

Date: Monday 5TH October 2015- (This is a Public Holiday)

Bus 475, Stop 17 and Great Circle Bus Stuartholme stop

Farkhanda Chaudhry, is of Pakistani heritage, her family moving to Scotland when she was a girl.
She was the first Muslim woman Magistrate in Scotland and has served in this capacity for 20 years.
She has been active in the creation of many community groups, including: the Muslim Council of Scotland, Interfaith Scotland, and BEMIS; all strategic working groups on equality, faith and belief.

In her capacity as a consultant, she designs and delivers training, capacity building, project management and research at a local, national and international level.

In 2005, Farkhanda was awarded the “Woman of The Year Award”, by the University of Peace & Culture, Lugano, Switzerland.

She is a mother of five children and grandmother of three.

The discussion will increase our understanding of the issues related to religious diversity and developing a culture of peace.

Light REFRESHMENT from 3.30PM

RSVP: Anglicare: 1300 114 397 and Salome Swan: SSwan

The event is the joint partnership between Anglicare Southern Queensland, Mercy Community Services (The Romero Centre), and Magda Community Artz Inc

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