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After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet

Prior to the global financial crisis the LeftPress collective wrote a pamphlet about the 1998 MUA dispute on Australian ports. Given recent events where global port operator, Hutchison, has sacked half its workforce in Brisbane and Sydney it seems timely to re-visit this dispute.

Does this represent a shift in the thinking of workers who will no longer tolerate the casualisation, long shifts, poor wages, increasing unemployment?

Here is the introduction to After the Waterfront – the workers are quiet. Workers shouted and then fell silent.


After the Waterfront

A menace is stalking our workplaces – the menace of global capital.

All the Powers of the old Market remain intact but new, global, forms of oppression are emerging: the unprecedented and worldwide explosion in credit which traps and enslaves not only individuals and households but also entire countries and regions, stripping them of their sovereignty and forcing them to adjust budgets and social policies to the dictates of international financiers; the cannibalising of one nation’s essential industries and services by the business interests of another; the almost total dependence of some nations on natural resources found only in the lands occupied by others; the massive militaries seen worldwide with their equally massive expenditures which drain national budgets.

All these have formed an un-holy alliance so overwhelming that the political class no longer makes even a pretence of governing for the common good, but has abandoned all our destinies to…

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South Sudan, African exploitation and disaster capitalism

ANTONY LOEWENSTEIN NEWSLETTER THURSDAY 6, AUGUST 2015 BENTIU, PALESTINE AND MINING CORPORATIONS Dear all, Our media is saturated with war. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen are constantly before our eyes and yet how often are we getting accurate, on the … Continue reading


Grand Shift in Global Economic and Political Power Structures

Sharmine Narwani, Commentator and analyst of Middle East geopolitics, wrote in Iran nuclear deal: Why Empire blinked first (published on 5 August 2015 at RT): In 2012, cracks in the global economic and political power structures started to shift dramatically. We started … Continue reading


The Zine


Workers ‘sit in’ at Hutchison

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At the Hutchison port terminals in Brisbane and in Sydney, Australia, workers on shift are “sitting in”, and other workers are joining community assemblies at the terminal gates. Continue reading


100 workers sacked by text message

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Forty-one workers at Hutchison Ports Australia’s Brisbane operations at Fisherman Island were sacked by text message just before midnight, Thursday 6 August 2015. More than 100 workers across the country were sacked this same way. Maritime Union of Australia Queensland … Continue reading


Brisbane Bands – Radical Times

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Radical Times Historical Archive at is now streaming a documentary called BRISBANE BANDS (46.5 minutes) It is in position 15D in the (visual) Table of Contents under this thumbnail image….. It is an honest documentary about the music scene … Continue reading


Continuing Avalanche of Events redefining the Balance of Power in the Middle East

We already reported at Avalanche of events redefining the balance of power in the Middle East that on 29 June 2015 Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem together with his deputy Faisal Al-Makdad and Buthaina Shaaban, who is a counsel for … Continue reading


Murder of Manufacturing

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Lest we forget – workers in Australia can manufacture as well as workers in any other country. As a recent article posted on Vanguard web site demonstrated (see The Murder of Manufacturing), policies of federal governments over the last 40 … Continue reading


Last Week at the Royal Commission #turc #standwithjohn

[Publisher’s Note: More needs to be done about this. Thanks to The Word From Struggle Street for this update. Ian Curr, 4 Aug 2015] Last Week at the Royal Commission #turc #standwithjohn The Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption … Continue reading


Manus Island: Rejected asylum seekers told they will be deported; stateless face possible transfer to ‘correctional institutions’

VERY worrying – men unable to be deported could be placed in life threatening PNG prisons and subject to beatings and other “encouragements” to leave. Unclear as to what will happen to Stateless men who have nowhere to go. Concern … Continue reading