SIRIA / Al-Ghab Plain Battle – THE CRISIS DOCTRINE – Al Nusra & U.S. Moderation – Facing The War – Saudi King in France – Tales of Abduction

Al-Ghab Plain Battle

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2015
Offensive in Al-Ghab Plain to reach the Syrian Coast
Thousands of fanatic fighters are trying to bear dominion over Al-Ghab Plain in order to reach the Syrian coastline, which acts as a human tank for the Syrian regime, according to their sources.


Pubblicato il 22 ago 2015
A report about “The Crisis Doctrine” an encyclopedia that was published by The Ministry of Endowments, for it realized that resisting terrorism couldn’t be accomplished only by weapons and jet fighters; the process also needs cleansing minds.

Al Nusra & U.S. Moderation

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2015

Will Al-Nusra Secede from Al-Qaeda?

For a while now, there have been talks about Al-Nusra’s potential secession from its parent Islamic organization: Al-Qaeda, such an act could help them achieve their aim in wiping out the front’s name from the terrorist organizations’ list.

Although their leader denied the existence of these possibilities, some Arab countries are emphasizing on the necessity of such disaffiliation, after all, Al-Nusra’s choice remains vague and only time can reveal the truth.

Facing The War

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2015
Four and a half years and war is killing many Syrians but it can never defeat the will of life inside their souls.

A documentary about war and life in Syria

Saudi King in France

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2015

Legendary vacations on rubble-strewn nations

While the people in several Arab nations are struggling just to stay alive under the harsh circumstances of war and famine, the Gulf monarchies have always been reacting by enjoying extraordinary lavish lives in the western countries and investing huge projects there turning a deaf ear to the news about growing rates of poverty and unemployment in their own countries that might become alarming in the future.

Tales of Abduction

Pubblicato il 15 ago 2015
Rebels Kidnap Syrians for Financial Gains

Syrian rebels have been using systematic abduction as a way to twist the government’s supporters’ hands, to scare off soldiers and to blackmail families for financial gains.

This report, by Shaza Al-Ghannoum, gives just a tip of the iceberg about the suffering of Syrian people from this phenomenon.

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