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Socialist critique of ‘equal’ love and same sex marriage

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While campaigners for changes to the Marriage Act are rallying behind the slogan of ‘equal love’, the media headline ‘gay marriage’. This article poses objections to both notions from a socialist perspective. Equality before bourgeois law is never equality and … Continue reading

Riding the penny farthing down the information superhighway (Isn’t print media obsolete?)

Print media remain but News Corp made a $200M loss this financial year. and Fairfax went backwards …


“Isn’t print media obsolete?” a friend asked me the other day when we were talking about a radical newspaper. As someone who has over the years sent quite a lot of time and energy writing, printing and distributing words on bits of paper, I felt obliged to defend the medium.

Well you know, sometimes when you read some of our leading newspapers here in Australia you might wish its demise would hurry up. Unfortunately though I don’t think print media has a monopoly on bad journalism. It has been interesting though to watch the print media industry try to grapple with ever expanding growth of the digital world.

One thing I have followed with interest is the struggle of the street press to stay alive in this brave new world. For those unfamiliar with the term, street press is a free newspaper (financed mostly by advertising from music venues, promoters and…

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Coal industry value collapsing

Peabody selling up in Oz (again) Bank of America Merrill Lynch has been hired by Peabody Energy to divest its entire portfolio of Australian coal assets, as one of the world’s largest miners of the commodity plans to stage an … Continue reading