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Foco Nuevo in August

Foco Nuevo in August 7th August, 2015 8.00 pm Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary Street, West End (map) After such a wonderful July event, which was packed out (and one of our biggest crowds ever) we’re very much looking forward to … Continue reading

Ten dollar poetry

Shame on the mouth that would deny 
the knotted hands that set us high
                   - Mary Gilmore

“no foe shall gather our harvest, or sit on our stockyard rail” – quote from Mary Gilmore (pictured on $10 note)


Robert Graves once said “there’s no money in poetry, but there’s no poetry in money either”. I think that, like the best poetry, there’s a lot of truth in this quote, but one institution that seems determined to prove it wrong is the Australian mint.

When I was a kid, the nearby town of Gulgong announced with pride on signs at the edges of town that the main street was featured on the old paper ten dollar note alongside a portrait of local poet Henry Lawson. With the change to plastic notes in 1993, both Henry and Gulgong were ditched (those signs are still there, mind you) but replaced with two more poets – Banjo Paterson and Henry’s one-time lover Mary Gilmore.

I appreciate that there’s room for something as fiscally unproductive as poetry (Lawson in particular died broke after a lifetime of alcoholism and interpersonal conflicts) on our national currency…

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