Forget the ‘war on smuggling’, we need to be helping refugees in need

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“The crisis in the Mediterranean, which has led to more than 1,700 deaths already this year, has evoked an immediate response from European political leaders. Yet the EU response fundamentally and wilfully misunderstands the underlying causes. It has focused increasingly …” Continue reading →

Pamela Curr
ASRC Refugee Rights Advocate

Let’s close Nauru and Manus and bring people to safety in Australia #RightThingToDo

ASRC is on the land of the Wurundjeri & Boon Wurrung people of the Kulin nation

One response to “Forget the ‘war on smuggling’, we need to be helping refugees in need

  1. I’m yet to be convinced that the majority of illegal immigrants are anything but economic opportunists. Most of us are favourably inclined to TRUE refugees but we can’t trust our elected officials to tell us the truth about ANYTHING, including that relating to refugee status. In any case, taxpayers in most countries have been under increasing pressure for years and should not be expected to bankroll unlimited numbers of aliens. One thing that is certain is that NOTHING uttered by a politician can be trusted, regardless of what side of the fence they occupy. Those bloodsucking parasites always have a different agenda to the one they profess to follow and the hidden agenda is rarely if ever beneficial to taxpayers. Personally I’d far rather see the money squandered by the military on blowing things up diverted to improving living conditions in the countries from which ‘refugees’ originate, maybe then the world wouldn’t need to deal with zillions of migrants be they illegal or otherwise.


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